About DMM

The sound. We record audio with respect for the sound of the 70s and 80s applying remastering as carefully as possible, with the use of advanced equipment and providing the best quality possible that can be obtained from various available sources. The sources for our CDs are original 7” and 12” vinyls of Italo Disco and Euro Disco. Unfortunately some records have only reached the modern age in very limited amounts, and are of average quality. Please accept our apologies for that. But we feel an obligation to share these records with you, at least because these music items are so rare we can easily call them collectibles!

-16 dB loudness level provides for best listening comfort. We do not seek maximum sound volume found in modern recordings – the so called ‘loudness war’ that comes with the expense of quality. Excessive loudness level leads to limited dynamic range, peak clipping and distorted sound. This is not the way we do it!